Intelligent live Q&A streaming assistant

Live Q&As are hard enough without having to scroll through endless, unprioritized comments. We identify the most pressing questions from your live audience so you can focus on the answers.

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Top questions, one glance

Questions are aggregated across users so you can see which are most important to your audience in a single glance.

Find questions by topic

Our intelligent ML algorithms allow you to quickly find relevant questions to fit the flow of your content

Remember what's relevant

Come back after your session to synthesize your audience's questions and set any relevant to-do's

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find an answer? Don't hesitate to reach out!

How often are questions updated within a session?

Questions are cleaned, tagged, aggregated and presented to the host (i.e., the Q&A answerer) in real time, as soon as the question is asked.

Are questions anonymous?

By default users are prompted for their name and email; however you can enable anonymous comments in your settings.

How can I keep track of which questions I want to answer?

Our easy-to-use web application allows you to flag any question as a question you intend to answer. All flagged questions are promoted together to the top of the screen for easy viewing.

How do you find the most important questions to my users?

Each question goes through multiple rounds of analysis. First, questions are compared to existing questions as the user is typing; similar questions are aggregated, allowing us to measure that question's popularity. Novel questions are run through our spam filter and analyzed for semantic relevance to the session's topic.